Monthly Archives: April 2011

What an exciting week!  I am back at school after two weeks off and all of a sudden I feel PREGNANT!  My nice work pants will not be working any longer, way too small.  I feel like sitting (I am developing chair preferences) and bending over are becoming increasingly difficult.  I honestly don’t mean to complain, it is just a weird feeling.  I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the school year at 34 weeks in a 104 year old building with 3 flights of stairs and no air conditioning.  Good thing I heart my job.

This week we are at 26 weeks and baby boy is around 14 inches!  The length of an English hothouse cucumber from head to heel.

Even more exciting this week, Cameron will join me and his dad in standing up in the R and R (R squared) wedding!  It is going to be incredible to watch such great friends tie the knot!  We LOVE you both!


One night, weeks ago, T and I wanted to play some songs to the belly for the baby. The first song that came up on my Pandora was Bill Withers’ Lovely Day. What a beautiful song! The next day we heard it again in 127 Hours. Lovely Day has since become something of our baby anthem.

Suggestions for additions to our baby playlist?

is this weird?!

A vibrating teether? huh?

Whatever works I guess.

crazy kickin’.

For about 2 weeks I have been watching Cam move in my belly.  I think Tony thought I was exaggerating but today he saw him move something, a foot, leg, arm? not sure yet, across my belly like those creepy videos of people’s babies moving in their bellies.  Um, I mean there are creepy videos like that and I have watched a few.  Ok, so the movements are not that huge yet, at least what you can see from the outside, but it was super cool to have Tony see it on our staycation day today!

Today marks 25 weeks!  Our baby is 13 inches long and around a pound and a half, the weight of an average rutabaga.

and, our little guy is starting to put some fat on that little baby body. More if you are not already bored.

Baby Scott

With this significantly awesome new development in our lives, T and I have decided to start a new blog devoted to our little baby boy.   This past fall we found out that we were expecting.  Cameron Anthony, name 99% decided, will arrive late this summer!  We are excited to share some special moments with this blog with you, our friends and family.  Love, T and A