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Where did May go?

In a little over a week, I will be an 8 month pregnant lady!  We have had one lovely baby shower and this boy is coming in an estimated 9 weeks.  Time is FLYING by!

Memorial day weekend is here and some funky weather to go with it.  I  am super excited that summer is so close, we just had dinner outside!

Yesterday we went a first birthday party for the coolest almost 1 year old boy that we know.  Today we are actually having a great time organizing new baby items and clearing out some things we need to put in storage.  For much of the afternoon, I have felt uninspired for design ideas for Cam’s room.  Me, uninspired about a design project?! No worries though, I eventually came across a photo of this giraffe

and it reminded me off some ideas I have had in the past for my future baby’s room.  I actually tore out a page in Domino years ago of a similar giraffe. Unbelievable that that future is here.  So now I am feeling some wall paper.  I have always wanted to go for it and I think Cameron’s room makes sense to wall paper!  So many possibilities…

something he can color, how cool?

These are from UK company Paper Boy (not to be confused with my favorite Chicago store).  They also have some REALLY cool fabrics.  I am especially loving the shadow puppet hands, top left.


Seven Months Pregnant

It is 1:00 am and I am feeling 7 months pregnant.  I wasn’t sure that  I looked it but by the looks of this photo, I would say that  I am.  The funny thing about it is, depending on who I talk to my belly is “huge” or “he is so small!”.  At the Dr. this past week, I measured at 28 centimeters which is right on track for 28 weeks.  I wonder if he will be a big boy?  What do you think?

here is a good one from our first Mother’s Day together.


Today I am a mother to be so I am celebrating my almost Mother’s Day!  My sweet husband made an appointment for my prenatal massage yesterday.  It was so calming, I still feel relaxed.  Thanks T.

Thanks SO much for the mother’s day wishes and cards, all!  I feel so special and I love you lots!

Cam has the hiccups!

Oh my goodness, my poor little buddy has his first case of the hiccups, that I know of at least!  It was so cute, I hope he didn’t hate it!   I am a little overwhelmed that he will be here in about 3 months!  It seems like all of a sudden my pregnancy has gone by so quickly.

In other news, this past weekend was so memorable.  T, Cam and I stood up in the R squared wedding.  Celebrating with such dear friends was so special, it was one of the happiest days of my life.  So happy for the bride and groom, CONGRATULATIONS!  I truly love you guys!  Thanks for an amazing time!