Monthly Archives: June 2011

we’re packing a very special bag…

Time is FLYING by and we are getting closer and closer to meeting Cam.  We have started to pack our hospital bag and I have not gotten much further than toiletries.  I feel like I hear that other things are silly to bring and those of you that know me well can imagine how difficult it is for me to plan something like this so far ahead.  It is a personal motherhood goal of mine to teach Cameron to be less of a procrastinator than his mom.


We are also taking a childbirth class at our hospital this week.  We have one class down, one to go and I really liked it so far.  It both makes me scared and more at ease at the same time.  It was mostly about relaxation techniques which I really liked but I can not help but think about why it will be so necessary to use them.  If nothing else it is nice to be in a room with about 14 other preggos that will also somehow manage to get their baby’s out.   and yes, that many pregnant ladies in one room is funny.

This did not happen at class.


we love a picnic

Today we got a head start celebrating the anniversary with a picnic, including a little outdoor rest (see above).  Cameron loved it.  He has been rolling all day and his kicks are SO strong now.  I can not imagine how big he (well, both of us) will feel at the end.  Only 8 expected weeks to go!

it’s our anniversary!

TOMORROW!  We can not believe our wedding day was a whole year ago!

I love you with all my heart, T.  You make me a better lady.