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oh you know, just CRAWLING!

So I feel like I am a little behind on this post.  To be honest Cameron has been “crawling” for about a month now.  Meaning he has moving forward in some capacity.  Don’t get me wrong, I give him mad props for any type of whole body relocating, forward or backward. I just wasn’t calling it “crawling” (Side note, it is awesome however kids get from A to B.  Some just wait to walk instead, which also rules.).  I think that has more to do with the fact that I think everything that he does is so incredible that it is almost unbelievable.  I think Tony and I are always thinking, NO WAY he just did that?!  Did he just do that?!  Well, with that full dramatic arm motion in the video above, I think it is safe to say, Cameron is crawling!

Also, the whole thing made me cry today while watching him so I think that makes it official as well.

Oh sorry about my extra loud cheering.  Well not sorry, sorry but you might want to turn it down.


My parents had birthdays

and I got a high chair!

and a SIPPY CUP! Whaaa?!

and a super serious face.  Talk to you soon.  Seriously.

almost 6 months old

In 1 day and 1 hour our little Cameron Anthony will be SIX MONTHS OLD!

Amazing.  Happy almost half birthday!

also, happy actual birthday, Aunt A!  Love you!

Visiting the Aquarium

When you go to the aquarium with your very sweet 5 month old, it might make you cry a little.  You may internally shout, “OMG you just saw a TURTLE for the first time EVER, swimming right next to you!”.  Maybe he doesn’t know what he was seeing but the wonder on his face was enough to make me tear up.

It wasn’t until I took out the camera and video camera that I realized documenting Cameron watching the fish was going to be adventurous in itself.  Holding your baby up to see the fish makes it challenging to take a picture of holding your baby up to see the fish.  In the end, I love how the extreme close ups will help me remember this special day.

sitting up (we are holding hands) to check out some sting rays!

Sleeping when we first arrived, next to some jelly fish.

Also, the Shedd has a NURSING ROOM!  It was comfy and totally awesome.

More Firsts!

In Cameron news, this weekend was a big one.  We played in the snow and went swimming!  EXTREME, huh? C thought they were both just ok.

Wow.  Those cheeks!  I love you, Cam. Showing you new things is the best!

new resolution

My original resolutions were ambitious, not overly so but there were too many.  Lose weight, be more organized…not the point.  Instead would like to resolve to be a little easier on myself and enjoy my baby boy.  Don’t get me wrong I am already doing a pretty good job of enjoying him but it is becoming even more clear that he is still a BABY baby and won’t be forever.  I am not going to look back at these days and wish I was a little smaller or that my junk was in it’s place (our belongs, not a dig on my body:).  Trite maybe, but for good reason.

Thanks for listening.  This seemed like a good outlet for a little commitment to this resolution.

Doin’ Big Things

Look how far we’ve come!

From lifting his little head…

to almost full on sitting up!

Can you believe it?!  We hardly can.